Acoustic Ceiling Systems

ceilingsComren takes charge of all aspects of ceilings including, in its entirety, Division 9 – 09500 Ceilings of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat**

Division 9, 09500 Ceilings extended description includes:

  • 09510 Acoustic Ceiling
  • 09545 Specialty Ceiling
  • 09550 Mirror Panel Ceiling
  • 09560 Textures ceiling
  • 09570 Linear Wood Ceiling
  • 09580 Suspended Decorative Grid
  • 09590 Ceiling Assembly Restoration

Comren builds multipurpose, eco-friendly ceiling systems.

Acoustic Ceiling SystemsToday’s ceiling systems are now designed for so much more than acoustical control:

  • Fire protection
  • Building technology
  • Lighting designs
  • HVAC
  • Security systems

All these elements are now a routine part of the larger picture. Comren understands that the key to controlling and optimizing sound within a space is to design solutions and select products that meet specific sound performance levels.

Comren works diligently with architects and designers to select which acoustical products will work best in any given installation. We customize your acoustic ceiling requirements, concentrating not only on Noise Reduction Coeffeciency (NRC), Flame Spread, Fire Resistance Rating, or Seismic Restraint Systems, but the best finishes for the right aesthetic.

Acoustic Ceiling SystemsComren meets today’s environmental challenges head-on

As sustainability has surfaced as a major issue moving forward, Comren has led the industry in its selection of products and building materials, as well as our construction methods, to ensure that our buildings are taking up fewer natural resources, while maintaining their longevity.

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Comren Offers a Free Breakdown Of All Acoustical Ceiling Needs

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