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Comren serves its customers and treats its competitors, subcontractors and suppliers with honesty and integrity.
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Internal Procedures
*For the purposes of this document, bid shopping is defined as any conduct whereby the one soliciting bids uses the bid submitted to it as a negotiating tool either expressly or in a more clandestine way, before the contract has been awarded, with a view to obtaining a better price or other contractual advantage from that particular bidder or any of the others.

**For the purposes of this document, a reverse bid auction is defined as a form of bid shopping in which the one soliciting bids is privy to the bid information prior to the bid closing and uses that information to encourage bidders to resubmit lower-priced bids by advising them of their ranking or relative position to the other submitted bids during the bidding process.

***For the purposes of this document, bid peddling is defined as any conduct whereby a bidder, in an attempt to secure a contract, offers to lower its previously bid price in order to undercut known bid prices from other bidders.