Comren Wall and Ceiling Specialists

steel stud framing

Steel Stud Framing

Comren provides solid foundations with steel stud framing which includes many benefits as well as professional design!
Sound & Thermal Insulation

Sound & Thermal Insulation

Making sure thermal protection is done right the first time is part of Comren’s outstanding services – we take care of all the aspects!


We are drywall experts! Comren treats every drywall project with the same standards and quality to perfection!
Exterior Envelope Restorations

Exterior Envelope Restorations

Keeping environmental standards in mind we specialize in building new and repairing troubled exterior envelopes!

Acoustic Ceiling Systems

For a unique design in your acoustic ceiling systems, Comren works with the best architects and designers to create amazing finished projects!


Call Comren today for a metal decking that will maximize your interior space while meeting city restrictions!